The Week That Was: Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Based on site and RSS feed analytics, here – in alphabetical order – are the most popular posts on eJewish Philanthropy last week:

Do You Know Where Your Development Director is Right Now?
by Lou Feldstein

Chances are pretty good that while you are reading this blog, your development director or one of your key development staff is probably either out looking for a job, or actively being recruited for one.

Let’s get Serious about Relationship Weaving and Increase the Potential for Communal Change in Family Engagement
by Shellie Dickstein

While research today is pointing to the power of social networks and relationships to influence behavior, many of our Jewish educational professionals, including those in the field of early family engagement, have not yet shifted their thinking and approach.

The Jewish Journey Called Limmud
by Clive Lawton

I was one of the four that started Limmud in 1980 in Britain. British Jewry in that time was neither a dynamic, educated nor exciting community. It was nearly impossible to find learning for adults and the community was deeply divided between the different denominations, between different age groups and even geographically. The vast majority of Jews in Britain did not know and did not want to know that there were Jews anywhere else – or if they knew it they were pretty sure they couldn’t learn anything from them.

What One Chabad Rabbi Can Teach Synagogues About Money
by Dan Judson

Rabbi Peretz Chein, the Chabad Rabbi at Brandeis University, is doing something completely unusual for a Jewish religious organization when it comes to money: he is completely transparent about it.

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