Slingshot’s Shooter

from a New York Jewish Week article with Will Schneider of the Slingshot Fund:

slingshot-logoQ: What’s your vision for Slingshot during the next few years?

A: Over the next several years, we will engage a larger and diverse set of donors to take ownership over Slingshot. In economic times such as these, we believe that calling attention to nonprofits that deal with problems in an innovative way is more critical than ever. Slingshot may also expand our presence to other cities. For example, I’d like to see a Slingshot presence in San Francisco, which is home to many nonprofits but not as many individual donors who are involved with the Slingshot fund.

Q: How do you define innovation?

A: I define an “innovative” nonprofit as one that has identified a need and come up with a creative and pioneering way to address it. In the Jewish nonprofit world, innovative organizations are also able to adapt their product to changing times in order to continue to effectively and efficiently address their mission. In economically challenging times, innovation is the engine to solving problems in both the for-profit and not-for-profit world.

Here’s the complete interview.