San Diego Jewish Academy Expands Tuition Affordability Program

Thanks to the Open Door program, which cuts tuition in half at San Diego Jewish Academy for Kindergarten and 9th grade, and maintains that reduction for those students for four years, more families are finding a top Jewish private school education affordable. With high enrollment numbers for the program’s first year, SDJA is able to continue Open Door for 2020/2021, advancing its vision to eventually offer half price tuition across all grades and removing cost as a barrier for a world-class private school education.

SDJA now has more than 600 students, including three kindergarten classes and more than 50 9th graders.

A donor is funding Open Door for students entering the program in the 20/21 school year, just as they did last year.

SDJA contracted Fisheye Research to learn about the number of families in the area who might consider Jewish Day School at certain price points. According to their data, more than 1,100 Jewish families with children in San Diego would consider SDJA with tuition between $10,000 – $15,000.