NCJW Offers Grants to Advance Economic and Gender Equality in Israel

Seven organizations that empower women and lay the groundwork for important social change in Israel learned this week that they will receive funding through the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) Israel Granting Program. Six of the seven grantees WePower-YEDID, ADVA Center, Israel Hofshit, the Jewish Women’s Collaborative International Fund, the NCJW Women Studies Forum at Tel Aviv University and Turning the Tables work to address gender segregation, discrimination and threats to the health and livelihood of women in Israel. The seventh grant was awarded to the Israel Gay Youth Organization which addresses one of today’s most prescient civil rights issues, guiding and supporting Israel’s LGBTQ youth, while simultaneously creating a strong, resilient network of young, self-assured LGBTQ leaders.

“Each year NCJW focuses our resources on programs helping women and raising issues – such as gender discrimination or financial security – that urgently need to be addressed in Israeli society,” said Shari Eshet, director of NCJW’s Israel Office. “Programs like this year’s Signature Grant awardee Promote Women’s Vote, which looks forward to the municipal elections this fall, will engage women in the democratic process with significant implications for Israeli society as a whole.”

In the 15 years since the Israel Granting Program began, NCJW has awarded grants to nearly 60 different organizations that focus on women, children and families.