Learning Torah (and music) with Joey Weisenberg

Project Zug, Hadar’s havruta learning platform, is gearing up for the fall cycle with a brand new course; users can learn about Jewish music from composer Joey Weisenberg!

The Torah of Music is based on Weisenberg’s National Jewish Book Award-winning publication of the same name. Weisenberg uses traditional Jewish texts to guide learners to an understanding of how music is a Jewish language, and inextricably part of not only our liturgy, but our theology.

“When Jews get together to sing, they become the kinor shel David; they become the harp of David. That means to me that all the strings of a harp vibrate at different frequencies,” said Weisenberg. “All these different strings, and they all are different, yet they resonate together.”

Weisenberg, who is also co-Director of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute, said that Project Zug is a natural home for learning about music, not only because it includes video, but because it encourages learning with havruta – with a partner.

“Project Zug is a way of connecting with a havruta,” said Weisenberg. “The Koretzer rebbe used to teach that you need a havruta to really understand the material, and in the same way you need a singing partner to really find your voice.”

“Project Zug is really modeling what happens when we all get together to share in study and in song and in spirit,” he added.

Project Zug’s full course catalog is also available this fall, featuring courses on everything from Psalms to kashrut to social justice. Registrations are accepted until November 8, and learning begins November 17.