Isn’t a Dollar a Dollar?

The AFP 45th International Conference on Fundraising is underway in sunny San Diego, California. And, for the first time ever (or certainly in recent memory) we have both a presentation and an affinity session devoted to Jewish Philanthropy!

eJewish Philanthropy is appreciative to Dr. David A. Mersky and Dr. Amy L. Sales of the Fisher-Bernstein Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership for the opportunity to post the power point of their presentation this morning.

The Abstract: The success of Jewish fundraising has an almost mythic quality yet, for better or worse, Jewish nonprofits have struggled to adjust to significant changes in Jewish philanthropy. The successful ones have grasped the Jewish philosophy that underlies charitable giving and have adapted to changes in their environment. This session will examine three factors that lend Jewish fundraising its unique set of challenges and opportunities—the values that underlie concepts of asking and giving in the Jewish world, the shifts in the Jewish communal infrastructure, and the emergence of new wealth and the new Jewish donor.


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