As Year Ends, a Final Burst of Aliyah

The final 1,000 new immigrants for 2010, from 25 countries, will be landing in Israel in the next few days

Over the next several days, olim flights – organized by the Jewish Agency – will be arriving at Ben Gurion airport. The new immigrants will be arriving from many countries including France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, South Africa, USA, Canada Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, el Salvador, Spain, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, Germany, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Some of the flights and the reception of the new immigrants are organized in cooperation with “Nefesh B’Nefesh” and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.

Immediately upon landing, the new immigrants will participate in the Jewish Agency’s “Aliyah on a Red Carpet” fair and will receive their Israeli ID cards. This is an innovative model of absorption providing under one roof a wide variety of services essential to the initial integration of olim in Israel.