A New Venue to Reach Private Foundations

Foundation Source, a leading U.S. provider of administrative and management solutions to over 900 private foundations across the country, has announced the launch of Foundation Source Access – an online exchange for charities and donors to share actionable information with each other.

Access will enable nonprofits to focus their fundraising resources and control the information that major donors see online while making funding decisions. Registered nonprofits will be able to set-up profile and project proposal pages, add photos, videos, news items and more.

Working with over 900 private foundations, Foundation Source provides back office services, online charity research and philanthropic support. These foundations grant more than $250 million annually to a wide range of nonprofit organizations. 80% have indicated they’d rather receive direct, straightforward requests than long, formal proposals. Roughly 50% of their clients have indicated they fund new initiatives every year.

Foundation Source Access will launch this fall. Nonprofits may now pre-register; those doing so by October 1st will be able to use Foundation Source at no cost through April, 2011.

Currently, Foundation Source Access is only available to U.S. based 501 (c)3 organizations.