2nd TAMID Pro Alumni Mission set to visit Israel

TAMID Pro, the alumni affiliate of the TAMID group, has selected 11 participants for their second annual mission to Israel. TAMID Pro is supported by the Paul E. Singer Foundation and other private philanthropists.

“Through TAMID, our focus is on training the next generation of top business leaders – and instilling in them a strong and lasting connection to Israel,” said Yoni Heilman, Executive Director of TAMID. “TAMID’s unique programs – through college and beyond – find new ways for students and young professionals to connect with Israel through a strategic, apolitical, business focused approach and curriculum.

TAMID Group’s program is designed to offer experiential business learning, and currently has chapters on 53 college campuses with over 2,500 student members. Beginning with an interactive classroom curriculum, the program progresses to give members hands-on experience with companies in the heart of the startup nation.

With TAMID Pro, former TAMID students are welcome to engage with TAMID in any number of capacities, including mentorship, coaching, consulting or recruiting TAMID members. There is also the opportunity to attend exciting events around the USA and Israel, including this second annual trip for TAMID Pro members.

“During their trip, our TAMID Pro mission participants will sit down with some of the high-profile Israeli companies in our network, take in the sights of the Startup Nation, and interact with our summer fellows,” continued Heilman. “Last year’s mission participants came back with new business connections, potential investments, and even job offers. We’re looking forward to hearing about the exciting opportunities for this year’s participants.”

For more information on the 11 selected to take part in the mission, please visit tamidgroup.org/tamid-pro/