WZO Launches “Together At The Front”

WZO-Together-at-the-Front-e1407601733873The World Zionist Organization (WZO) has launched a special campaign offering a free upgrade to everyone flying out of Ben Gurion Airport – but not the sort of upgrade people are usually looking for. This upgrade is from “tourist class” to “ambassador class,” with the intention of turning every passenger into a spokesperson for Israel when they arrive at their destination. It is based on a guide “Tough Questions, Straight Answers” that they have prepared and which is being distributed at the departure gates of the airport. The booklet also includes a message on the importance of serving as an ambassador for Israel during these difficult times as well as an annotated listing of relevant websites and social media platforms.

Though initially directed at Israelis traveling abroad as well tourists returning home, the pamphlet is entirely relevant for local activists as well. It has been prepared in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Russian.

A downloadable version of the booklet is available here.

For an enhanced digital version including links to video clips, click here.