We’ve Come A Long Way

It seems like yesterday, but it has been six months since we went live with eJewish Philanthropy. We set some pretty ambitious goals, and thanks to you – our readers, we’re well on our way.

We are gratified by the significant number of guests, from five continents, who visit our website every day; for those who have signed up for daily updates or RSS feeds, and most of all to the many who have offered valuable suggestions, leads, background materials, etc. to assist us in fulfilling our mission.

We are appreciative of the positive encouragement and support we have received from the organized Jewish communal world, foundations and leading academic institutions.

We would like to acknowledge recognition from Alltop, We’ve Got Non-profits Covered, for considering us a ‘Best of the Best” for our posts and picking up our feeds on a continuing basis.

And most of all, we are grateful to the incredibly talented and innovative new young entrepreneurs who have shared their dreams and stories and given us their time, along with unprecedented access to projects, both present and future.

For those who have been following us since the GA, you will have noticed our scope has broadened. We regularly check our web analytics (trying not to be obsessive!) looking for trends. Which posts receive the most interest, which the least. Trying to connect the dots and looking for patterns in your web views while crafting our near-term future direction.

We’ve developed a Resources section of links and articles in the areas we write about; check often as it is regularly updated.

And just this week, we launched, Symposia and Much More; a place for us to examine issues of interest and provide greater concentrated depth than possible in our blog posts.

So, this is where we are today; and as I wrote back in November, ejewishphilanthropy.com has ambitious plans; this will be our continuation.

Please visit us frequently as we share helpful tips on using the Internet to advance the causes we are all dedicated to and follow the latest happenings in our global Jewish communal world.

One final note; June is quickly approaching and with it summer. Here in Jerusalem, one of the harbingers of the season is the arrival of two outstanding and innovative programs: the ROI Summit and The PresenTense Institute.

So stay tuned for The Summer of Innovation featuring continuous and in-depth news about the young innovators shaking up our world. And along side, within the month, we will premier a major initiative, our most ambitious, and so far no-name project: a look at the new and innovative entrepreneurs, the endeavors they are creating and a reference library of the various organizations and foundations involved in Social Entrepreneurship and New Leadership Development on three continents.