The Week That Was: February 5-11

In today’s world, no nonprofit organization would think twice about collecting, and hopefully analyzing, information about their donors. So too, with website traffic. For how else can one effectively judge site visitors’ demographics and interests?

Based on site and RSS feed analytics, here – in descending order – are the five most popular posts on eJewish Philanthropy last week (the difference between the last two posts is statistically insignificant):

Top Hadassah Officials Probed Over Use of Funds

In a breaking news story, The Forward is reporting that allegations of mishandling funds have been raised against Hadassah president Marcie Natan and immediate past president Nancy Falchuk.

The Natan Fund Announces 2012 Grants

The Natan Fund today announced $973,500 in 47 grants to 48 emerging nonprofits organizations and individuals in Jewish communities around the world.

The Time for Radical Change is Now: Will We Help Bring it

by Martin Levine

The signs of drastic change can be seen very particularly within the American Jewish Community. To note just a few: Shrinking membership in Synagogues and other Jewish Organizations, declining enrollment in non-Orthodox day schools, increasing numbers of children being raised in households with a parent/care giver who is not Jewish, many Jews seeing their Judaism as a matter of individual choice and not of communal obligation. And, Israel is no longer a dream and a vision but a reality with real world problems and challenges.

My Sister, Debbie Friedman
by Cheryl Friedman

Last week we marked the first Yahrtzeit of Debbie Friedman. Following are remarks offered by her sister Cheryl at a memorial concert in Debbie’s honor at New York’s Central Synagogue, February 1, 2012.

The Changing Modern Jewish Family
by Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin

The ABC television series Modern Family is continuing to win recognition and accolades, most recently a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. The family structures portrayed on Modern Family are a far cry from Leave it To Beaver. Yet, the organized Jewish community continues to cling to that 1950s-era model of what a family should be. The time is overdue for the Jewish community to redefine our understanding of family and make space for everyone.

MIA: Jewish Federation’s Media Strategy

by Dan Brown

Every organization – regardless of size, regardless of mission – needs a PR/media strategy. It is needed not only to convey the work of the organization to the broader audience, but, as last week’s Komen/Planned Parenthood disaster showed, it is needed to effectively counter the unexpected crisis.

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