The Best of The Year

In case you missed any, here – based on site analytics, and in alphabetical order – are our Top Ten posts from 2012:

Do our Compensation Patterns Reflect our Values?
by Avi Herring, Justin Rosen Smolen, Tamar Snyder, Mordecai Walfish, Ruthie Warshenbrot, and Naomi Korb Weiss

An initial analysis of the 2012 Jewish Communal Professional Compensation Survey

Introducing the Slingshot Class of 2012-2013

Slingshot present’s the eighth annual edition of Slingshot: A Resource Guide for Jewish Innovation, featuring 50 inspirational organizations, in Jewish life in North America.

Making Motherhood Work – With Work
by Deena Fuchs

In April 2006 I learned that my husband and I were expecting our fourth child. My first thought: thank G-d for another blessing. My second: this 2 bedroom rental on Manhattan’s Upper West Side was not going to cut it anymore. It was time to move to the suburbs. My third: how am I going to make this all work – with work?

OTZMA to Close

The Jewish Federations of North America has announced that at the conclusion of the current year’s program they will close OTZMA, a long-term Israel program launched during the mid-1980’s.

Scrapping Synagogue Dues: A Case Study
by Dan Judson

A case study of one synagogue that radically altered their dues system and found more money, more members and more harmony

The Next Generation: What Jewish Organizations are Doing to Cultivate 20-and-30-Somethings
by Abigail Pickus

Back in 1950, with the ashes from the massacre of Eastern European Jewry still smoldering and a fledgling State of Israel taking its first tentative steps, an American Jewish rabbi wrote a very prescient article.

“What kind of American Jewish community do we desire, and how shall we plan to achieve it?” asked Robert Gordis in a Commentary Magazine essay titled, Creating an Organic Community: A Blueprint to Assure American Jewry’s Future.

The Unfolding of the Third American Jewish Revolution
by Steven F. Windmueller, Ph.D.

Over the past several years, we have been witness to the unraveling of the global economy and more directly the American enterprise. This economic “tsunami” has led to a fundamental reordering of the structural and financial well-being of many core institutions. In particular, this upheaval is having a profound impact on the American Jewish community.

Tipping the Balance
by Rabbi Mitchell Cohen

Over these last few days, the social media firestorm around inclusion at Camp Ramah has had some interesting outcomes.

Unpacking Chabad: Their Ten Core Elements for Success
by Steven Windmueller, Ph.D.

In analyzing their mission, structure, and program, I have identified ten operational principles that seem to define the core elements of Chabad’s impact and success.

Who is a Jew? Peoplehood Versus Religion
by Avraham Infeld

We are not a religion and we’ve never been a religion. Judaism is the culture of the Jewish people. It bases itself entirely on the covenant between a People and God Almighty – not between an individual and God.


Honorable mention also goes to the following article, published in June 2010, and solidly in 2012’s Top Ten:

Thinking Out Of the (Blue) Box
by Sarah Kass

How might a 21st-century Jewish Agency refresh the blue box? How might it harness the agency of Jews globally to refresh the Jewish people and the world at large?