Strengthening Jewish Life in Europe

by Seth Cohen

After a whirlwind week in Budapest and Berlin, having a day in Jerusalem to reflect was exactly what I needed. And now that Jerusalem is hosting philanthropists and federation professionals from across the United States for the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly, I am hopeful they will reflect on what role they have in strengthening Jewish life in Europe. A few questions to ponder (and even answer!):

  1. How will we define our role in supporting emerging communities of leaders who have ideas and energy, but not necessarily the homegrown resources to build communities on their own?
  2. How can we strengthen the networks of young adults in America and Israel with individuals scattered around the world – if we live in an era where young adults truly want to be global, how will we help them be global ‘Jewishly’?
  3. How will Federations increase their support to the types of international initiatives that build the “common languages” of Jewish life? Limmud, global service initiatives, Szarvas Int’l Jewish Youth Camp and similar ideas?

Yes many of us here in Jerusalem this week might be “from America” and “in Israel” – but I hope none of us forget the rest of us around the world. Collective responsibility doesn’t stop at any border.

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