Steinhardt’s Latest

Michael Steinhardt, money manager turned philanthropist dedicated to creating a renaissance in American Jewish life, is chartering new waters. The venture, announced yesterday, is for New York City’s first publicly funded school devoted to Hebrew language and culture. Planned for Sheepshead Bay (Brooklyn) and a targeted Fall 2009 opening, the school’s goal is to provide “academic excellence and kids fluent in Hebrew.”

From Anthony Weiss in The Forward:

“A group of individuals with financial backing from the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life is prepared to submit an application on June 4 to the New York City Department of Education and the New York State Board of Regents to open the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School in Brooklyn.

According to Steinhardt’s daughter Sara Berman, a trustee for the foundation and the lead applicant in the effort, the school’s curriculum would incorporate Hebrew language instruction, as well as classes in Jewish culture and history and modern Israeli society.”

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