Putting The Donor First: Blogging Edition

Has your non-profit taken the the next step and started posting to a blog?

If so, do you find yourself looking for readers and subscribers? The same fundraising principle that advocates putting the donor first can also be applied to blogging.

Blog about subjects that your potential readers/donors are interested in.
In the words of David from JournalMarketing,

“Promote yourself by shutting up” … not literally of course, but this means less self promotion and more talk about topics your donors will find interesting.

This may mean not writing about your organizations’ latest project or donation drive, but it could mean writing about a current event that your donors are most likely following closely.

Don’t know what holds your readers attention? Now is a good time to find out! Start posting and see what posts get the most clicks by using a blog statistic tracking program such as the free service offered by Feeedburner.com. Thanks to Donor Power Blog for the inspiration.

Yoav Kaufman, is a List Manager with Negev Direct Marketing Inc.