Our Jewish Communal Language (part 2)

from PunkTorah.org:

The (Expanded) Secret Language of Jewish Communal Professionals

Young Jewish Professional: anyone who has a worthy job in the Jewish community, ages 21-35. You’re out of college (or about to be) and you work a job that requires you to wear a suit and tie. Your Blackberry (or iPhone if you’re in an “edgy” career like advertising or marketing) is filled with last names that end with -stein, -burg, -man or -feld, all of whom are ready to give you a great deal on whatever it is that you want. You volunteer for at least two Jewish non-profits, which includes at least one Young Jewish Professionals Group such as Birthright Israel Next or something at the JCC or a synagogue.

“The Young Jewish Professionals group of Congregations Beth Israel will be meeting at TGI Fridays the first Thursday of the month to discuss networking opportunities in the Jewish community.”

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