Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide Released

Social media can be useful to your organization… but how useful? For what? What tangible results are people seeing from it? A new guide, created by Idealware in partnership with the New Organizing Institute, walks you through a step-by-step process to decide what social media channels make sense for your organization via a workbook, guide and the results of more than six months of research.

The Decision Guide walks through:

  • What social media is, and why it might be useful for you;
  • How your goals, audiences, and metrics should drive the decision making process;
  • Specific information on the tangible value nonprofits have seen in using Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photo Sharing Sites, Video Sharing Sites, and more.
  • Choosing an effective social media mix;
  • Integrating all your communications;
  • A workbook that helps you walk through all of this for your own needs;
  • And a Consultant Directory to find a professional to help you take the next step.

The complete guide is free and available from Idealware (registration required).