Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club Launches New Foundation

MTA_b16d771570425dd9a004589e718b3b80-1200x500Maccabi Tel Aviv FC’s new charitable foundation was launched last Tuesday evening at the clubs’ annual Gala event.

The Foundation will help make an impact on the larger Israeli society by using the positive energy of football to effect the lives of those in the community and is set to operate in Israel and the Diaspora.

Organized and divided into three main categories of activities: Youth & Education, Multiculturalism and Social Action, the Foundation has a myriad of programs and projects that will tackle some of the most difficult and pressing issues of society.

According to Martin Bain, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s chief executive, “Being at the forefront of corporate social responsibility and the leader of all sports franchises in Israel we will be engaging our fans, where every supporter will become an active player and an ambassador of the club. We call upon the entire Maccabi Tel Aviv family to join forces and promote social responsibility off the pitch, inspire a positive impact which enables people to have an equal opportunity and achieve their goals”

Through its’ commitment to improving the lives of children in Israel, the Foundation will use football as the backbone to promote positive values and education while investing funds into the under-privileged populations and socio-economically challenged areas. By aiming to merge the diversity in Israeli society, the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC Foundation will serve as a leader in breaking down barriers and integrating children of all races and religions through athletic and educational activities and values.

The Foundations’ new logo of a Yellow & Blue scarf was unveiled and is set to connect between Maccabi’s fan-base and the club.

“The Yellow & Blue scarf will be used to show the power of working together in unison to empower individuals and communities across Israel and the world. From the players on the pitch to the supporters in the stadium we will stand in solidarity, raising awareness, showing care and concern, while providing opportunities to build and change lives” Bain added.