Introducing LIFE: a Tikkun Olam Fellowship Experience

LIFE: an innovative tikun olam program for Jewish and Israeli young adults from all walks of life. It combines rich exposure to civil-society and leadership experiences in Israel with an intensive 3-month long experience doing international development work in an African country.

LIFE: an eight-month long program being tailored by top Israeli and international experts in the fields of international development, Jewish-Zionist education and justice-oriented leadership development. To be launched this year, the program begins with a lengthy period in Israel combining community service, learning about civil society and international development issues and approaches, leadership development and group-building.

LIFE: the first initiative of its kind that works simultaneously on two-tiers: bringing Jewish and Israeli young adults together in Israel in a rich process of Jewish-Zionist, civil society leadership learning and growth, while channeling their energy and commitment to tikun olam into a deep personal engagement with the issues and practice of international development work and global social justice as a critical dimension of Jewish life.

LIFE: a joint venture of Brit Olam and B’Tzedek, with support from MASA.

LIFE: currently recruiting


about Brit Olam: This International-Israeli Jewish Volunteer Movement is a leading Israeli NGO in international relief and humanitarian development projects.

about B’Tzedek: B’Tzedek aims to provide Israel and the Jewish people with a leadership of thoughtful and pro-active citizens from all sectors of society.

about MASA: MASA enables thousands of Jewish youth to spend a semester or a year in Israel, helping them build a life-long relationship with Israel and a firm commitment to Jewish life.

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