Do You Have a Strategic Plan for 2016?

Strategic-PlanningBy Shoshanna Jaskoll

Every business or organization needs a strategic plan.

A good plan gives direction to the entire team. It ensures that everyone is on the same page and is aiming for the same goals.

A good plan includes long and short term goals, lists the resources you have and the ones you don’t, and identifies the people in charge of specific tasks or departments.

A good plan prioritizes your organizational needs from vital to ‘it would be nice if.’ Only those needs that are vital and others that can be implemented without straining resources should be planned for the short term.

A good plan includes milestones and evaluation methods – these do not have to be elaborate, in fact they should be easily assessed. If its a social media goal, look at engagement, friends/followers. Are you able to create content and deliver it? Why or why not. Identify the pitfalls and correct them.

A good plan suggests potential collaborations and partnerships – this eases the burden on your resources and can add opportunity and credibility with the right partner.

Not having a plan means that you are in essence, ‘winging it.’ It means that fires will always come first and your true goals will only be what you get to when you have the time.

Making a clear strategic plan allows you to plan for growth and guide your organization to fulfill the purpose it was created for in the most effective way possible.

Get started on your plan today:

What are our goals for the coming year? Long and short term?

What do we need to achieve these goals?

  • Who do we need in charge?
  • What are we lacking?
  • Who can we partner with?
  • How will we evaluate these efforts?
  • What is the timeline?

Now is a great time to start your strategic plan for 2016.

Good luck and may all your goals come true!

Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is cofounder of REACH3K, a boutique branding and communications firm.