Did You Remember to Unplug?

As Shabbat concluded, so did The National Day of Unplugging.

This story was published by The New York Times as Shabbat began here in Jerusalem. The video is from the same team that brought us The Tribe.

A New Take on the Old Sabbath Ritual of Unplugging

I am typing fast because at sundown (7:20 p.m.), I plan to join in the first National Day of Unplugging and turn my electronic devices off until sundown Saturday. The effort, reported in The New York Times and elsewhere, is the brainchild of Reboot, a nonprofit organization of Jewish professionals who want to adapt the concept of Sabbath traditions to the digital age.

I thought at first, yadda yadda yadda. Go ahead and unplug, everyone. But then I saw “Yelp,” the YouTube video above by Ken Goldberg and Tiffany Shlain. It uses Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” as the muse for a short video promoting the day of unplugging.