Developing Social Media Metrics

Following our post from Friday, Developing a Social Media Policy, we thought it a good idea to remind our readers about social media metrics.

As nonprofits make expanded use of social media, many are still struggling with a concept that is second nature to them in other areas of fundraising: metrics.

The Social Media Group of Convio Services has created a guide “Going Social: Tapping into Social Media for Nonprofit Success,” which offers the following suggestions for social media metrics:

  • General metrics: Media coverage from social media. Social shares from respected networks. Number of new supporters in email list from social media. Referring traffic to campaign landing pages. Number of click-throughs to campaign elements from each source. Number of calls to action taken, including URL visits or registrations.
  • Blog metrics: Blog comments and responses. Linkbacks to blog. Influence pick-up of blog posts, topics. Referring traffic from blog to other social media accounts. Linkbacks to event/campaign landing pages from blog. Media pickup of blog content.
  • Facebook metrics: Number of Facebook “likes” (previously fans). Funds raised on Facebook Causes/social presence. Number of tags on Facebook. Number of Facebook event RSVPs. Number of Facebook “likes” on specific posts. Sign-ups sourced through Facebook – either newsletter or other defined action.
  • Twitter metrics: Number of organization mentions. Twitter retweets. Number of Twitter followers over time. Mention of brand/organization. Pick-up of tweets by influencers. Twitter-sourced donations.

courtesy The NonProfit Times