Predictions: Britain’s Charity Sector in 2011

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The charity sector in 2011

Money – the lack of it and ways to save and generate it – dominates this look into the year ahead for charities:

Charities will rush towards online fundraising like never before

Only a small proportion of charities have made online fundraising successful, or even tried it. This will change as many more realise they can’t afford to put off the inevitable any longer. And, as the market revs up, it’s going to get a lot more competitive. Those charities that invested and tested earlier, and already have a known track record, will have a distinct advantage. It will be much harder for those getting started, but it still has to be done.

Digital will get integrated

No longer the preserve of a lonely geek, digital will be integrated across fundraising, marketing and communications, on and offline. Charities will begin to invest in people with digital experience and start to develop digital competencies within teams, rather than in a separate department. Charities that have previously been slow to adopt will find digital offers a very cost-effective, flexible and scaleable option for building and maintaining relationships with clients, supporters, influencers and stakeholders.

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