Branding 101

Which of these situations are all too familiar?

1) People call your organization asking for assistance with issues you don’t focus on, because they confuse your nonprofit with another nonprofit.

2) You don’t have an “elevator speech” because it’s just too hard to explain what it is you do in 30 seconds.

3) You have trouble finding your own organization’s table at a community festival, because your banner and materials look just like everyone else’s.

4) When your board members talk to potential donors about the work you do, it seems they’re describing a completely different organization than the one you work for.

In all of these cases, your organization is being confused with others, overlooked or misunderstood. You have no real “brand” — no clear organizational identity, reputation, or single contribution you’re best known for.

Crafting a strong, clear and recognizable brand enables audiences to understand who you are, and how they can get involved. They are more willing to donate to you and volunteer, because they “get it” — and can easily explain it to their friends and family.

courtesy of Nancy Schwartz of the Getting Attention blog