Announcing the Webcast Schedule and Speakers for the Global Day ON AIR 2017

Online and offline, there is a lot of focus recently on how we judge a person’s worth by how we perceive them outwardly, and how we value ourselves differently because of the way others see us. When the Global Day of Jewish Learning goes ON AIR, Sunday, November 12, 2017, challenge yourself to look at human behavior through the lens of “Beauty & Ugliness,” the global study theme for this year. Asking tough questions about beauty, ugliness and perception may reveal what we can learn about gender dynamics, social power, self-worth and control from narratives in Jewish texts.

Guiding our explorations are scholars, artists, leaders and thinkers from around the world, bringing fresh perspectives on Jewish texts. These talks connect Jewish texts to issues facing Jews today, and offer more depth and clarity regarding the sources of our values and preconceptions.

Global Day ON AIR is a LIVE online video series available FREE to everyone, everywhere. Global Day On Air begins at 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time (7pm EST Saturday, November 11).