A New Way to Givv

I just discovered a new and pretty smart online giving site that not only makes it easier to make online donations but also lets you establish your own personal giving budget, assign monthly donations among any number of causes and pay less in transaction fees. Givv.org makes so much sense and is so responsive to the way online donors, especially those who make small donations, behave.

All you have to do is set up your account, list your recipient causes and how much you want to give each of them and you are basically done, unless you want to change or add recipients. Because Givv.org acts as a gift aggregator, and uses PayPal to process all transactions, transaction fees are lower than if you went to each nonprofit’s web site and made your gift there. Instead of having to manage separate giving profiles for multiple causes (and pay a transaction fee for each gift), you now can let Givv.org handle the task for you. Givv.org allows you to give anonymously and your information is kept private which means no direct mail lands in your mailbox.

While some fundraisers may not like to hear about this new service, it is representative of where online giving is headed, so as we always say, “Get onboard, or get out of the way.” If your nonprofit is not yet listed at Givv.org, I encourage you to get some of your younger supporters to try it out and see if they and you can nurture broader support through it. It’s really a way to create a win-win especially with younger, smaller donors, who are out there, interested in giving but just want it simple and direct.

Don’t you love innovation?