Windows into the Future

Last night I had the privilege of attending the 2008 PresenTense Fellowship Pitch Day at Yad Ben-Zvi here in Jerusalem. There, PresenTenses’ 2nd cohort of fellows presented their ventures to the community. It was not just the culmination event of their work, but a testimony to the hours of support that volunteers, coaches, mentors, friends, colleagues, peers, teachers, and more have invested in all the various projects.

I’ve been around the Institute quite a bit; not only this summer but for the past fourteen months. And as founders Ariel and Aharon made their summation, what impressed me most was the significant leap forward the various programs of PresenTense have made over the past year. A grass roots start-up not so long ago, PresenTense, along with their 300+ international volunteers, is making a significant mark on our communal world: through innovation, publishing and training new leaders. And like ROI120, PresenTense has very much developed into both an international brand and major player in Jewish social entrepreneurship and new leadership training.

Stay tuned; on Sunday we will begin profiling just a few of the extraordinary projects previewed last night. Also keep your eyes peeled; for PresenTense will be coming to a location near you, sooner than you think. New York / Boston / Chicago / Tel Aviv readers, are you listening?

about: The PresenTense Institute’s Summer 2008 fellowship brings together social entrepreneurs and innovators on the cutting edge of Jewish creativity – pioneers, like those of old, inspired by the simple notion that “If you do it, it is no dream“.

This summer, for six intense weeks, the fellows lived and breathed Herzl’s vision of determined creativity, developing the newest ventures in the PresenTense Network.

You are invited to join PresenTense in unleashing the innovation and creativity of the Jewish People, launching ventures to solve human problems with Jewish solutions for the benefit of the Jewish People and the World.

click the image for a video presentation of the Pitch Day presentations.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem