The Week That Was: September 18-24

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100 Years of Innovation: How We Can Support Teachers to Make Change Last
by Miriam Heller Stern, Ph.D.

Who has the power to reinvent Jewish education? The last hundred years of American school reform have shown that leaders have called for progressive educational innovations decade after decade; these calls come and go, but the innovations that last are typically only the ones that teachers can actually implement.

Moishe House Expanding to ‘Mecca for Young Adults,’ Bolstering its International Framework
by Michele Alperin

A phenomenon rapidly expanding from its California roots, Moishe House – which provides rent and programming subsidies to Jewish 20-and 30-somethings whose homes and apartments become community hubs for their peers – will soon open its first houses in New York City and a London-based support and training office for international residences.

Project InCiTE: Introduction to Innovation

by David Bryfman

For many years now I have worked in both formal and informal Jewish educational settings determined to win the battle to engage every Jewish teenager in a meaningful Jewish journey post-bar or bat mitzvah. There are many days when this is rewarding, but unfortunately, there are many more days when this is often frustrating and disheartening. My assumption for many years was that if there was very little good stuff out there to engage Jewish teens, then there must be an inadequate number of good people doing this work. Besides the arrogance and naivete? of this statement, I eventually learned that my primary assumption was flawed. As I continually discover, there are often great people out there trying to do very important work, but it is often something else that prevents them from realizing their potential.

Big Money Makes the Jewish World Go Around

by Dan Brown

The 2012 Israeli Presidential Conference snags a major donor, and in the process upsets other organizations’ calendars; a long-time, high-profile, communal leader joins a deep-pocketed for-profit as a Birthright Israel tour provider, and more.

Hartman Institute Promotes New Take on the Israel Diaspora Relationship
by Abigail Pickus

After 2,000 years, it’s time for a change. “What we’re facing today is a tipping point – a new reality – in which the relationship between Israel and world Jewry is being redefined,” said Shalom Hartman Institute President Rabbi Donniel Hartman in a video lecture aimed at ushering Israel-Diaspora relationship into the 21st century.

The video is part of the wide-reaching Engaging Israel Project launched by the Hartman Institute … whose latest addition is the iEngage website that aims to be a web-based multimedia resource center for the distribution of the project’s growing corpus of materials, articles, adult education curricula, video lectures, and more.

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