The Week That Was: February 24-March 2

Based on site and RSS feed analytics, here – in alphabetical order – are the most popular posts on eJewish Philanthropy last week:

Can Jewish Organizations Really Work Collaboratively? Early Lessons from Nadiv
by Josh Miller, Steven Green, Leah Nadich Meir and Joel Einleger

Collaboration and partnership have become the buzzwords of our time. The business world as well as the nonprofit sector heralds the advantages of collaboration: sharing resources, bringing multiple perspectives to address difficult issues, eliminating duplication, learning from one another and pooling assets.

Can Synagogues Live By Dues Alone?
by Barry Mael

Some synagogues are exploring new ways to achieve financial sustainability.

If You Build It, They Will Learn
by Ana Fuchs and Eliana Leader

Traditional Hebrew schools are losing their effectiveness.

Nationwide, parents are opting out of sending their children. Some say it is because they don’t want their children to resent the experience the way they did while others claim that high-quality, joyful choices do not exist.

Jewish Donors Don’t Always Get Young Jews: Overcoming “The Donor-Demographic Disconnect”
by David Bernstien

If this younger generation was just like their parents’ generation or their grandparents’ generation, this would be a cake walk. We’d just do what we’ve always done and expect the same results. But this generation is very different than their parents’ generation, requiring that we take a very different approach.

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