The Web Impacts Your Entire Organization

Despite what some of our professionals and board members may prefer not to admit, the Internet is here to stay. After a full decade of public use, the web has become an integrated part of every business and every non-profit. Even if you are ignoring your organizations’ web presence, others are not. You may be losing donations to a competing group because they are (more) actively using the Internet. Or you are losing out because potential donors, volunteers, board members, or funders are evaluating your non-profit based on your web presence, or lack thereof.

Just some of the ways the web impacts your every day ability to fulfill your mission:

  • Educating the public
  • Enhancing your organization’s reputation among the press, civic leaders, foundations and corporations
  • The attraction and cultivation of donors, especially younger donors (duh…)
  • The development of monthly donors, major donors, and planned giving donors
  • Delivery of services to your constituents
  • Increasing and supporting your volunteer base

How does your non-profit stack up; are you using the web effectively?