Steinhardt Foundation Announces Leadership Changes

The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life has announced several changes in its leadership structure.

On the professional side, Rabbi David Gedzelman, who has been leading on various projects of the Foundation for over a decade, has been named the President and CEO. Rabbi Gedzelman first came to work for the Foundation in 1995 to lead in the development and implementation of what became Makor, a facility-based program that engaged young adults in arts and culture and possibilities of Jewish life and learning. Among other things, he has been the lead professional in the Foundation’s work in the area of Hebrew Language Charter Schools.

Eli Schaap, who has been the Foundation’s Director of Education and Research, is now Senior Vice President.

On the lay side, Sara Berman, who has been involved with various projects of the Foundation over the past decade, is now the Vice Chair of the Board of the Foundation. Ms. Berman is also the founding Chair of the Hebrew Charter School Center. Michael Steinhardt, who founded the Foundation in 1994, continues to lead the Foundation as its Board Chair.