Providing Real-Time Information to Stakeholders

Technology has changed the game. Be it as a news resource, a program or service provider, or just interacting with your friends on FaceBook, we live in an on-demand, 24/7 world. And, in such an environment, the question continuously arises, how does an organization best serve its stakeholders and advance their mission?

The PresenTense Group has come up with one way through the launch of their PT Investor website – an online resource restricted to their funders and investors, that increases transparency by providing real-time information to this group of stakeholders.

According to PT’s Aharon Horwitz, “PresenTense strives to be highly transparent to its community – our quarterlies, budgets and work-plans are available for the public at-large. The investor portal includes those things as well as some insider documentation that is of interest to supporters, but not beyond.

Moreover, in the investor portal we update supporters about recent grants which are not yet public, and funding needs that they’re interested in learning about and helping us with. It’s a place that provides both a real time look at how we’re doing and what we need, as well as a repository for all the information necessary for due diligence and ongoing compliance.”

Sandy Cardin, president of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, told eJP, “Having all the information on demand, and in one place, is fantastic. I can log-on, regardless of the hour, to access information, review programs, and more.”

One of the core tenets of PresenTense is to change the culture of the community in which they are working. Utilizing tools such as PT Investor, PresenTense again raises the bar in information accessibility.