Online Giving Continues to Grow in Israel

Israel Gives 66% statOnline donation portal IsraelGives has released reports showing that Israeli e-philanthropy grew by 66% in 2012.

IsraelGives is the largest provider of online fundraising services in Israel, and runs the country’s main donation portals, (English) and (Hebrew).

Commenting on the results, Yonatan Ben-Dor, Director of IsraelGives, tells eJP, “In spite of overall giving in Israel dropping, internet giving continues to rise, with over 53,000 donations made through IsraelGives in 2012, with both revenue and number of donations rising by 66%.

Israeli donors are making 68% of all online donations to Israeli nonprofits, but as their average donation is only $34, 60% of online revenue comes from foreign donors.”

On average, an American donor donates 11% more on average when donating to an Israeli charity ($108) than to an American charity ($97).

A full infographic can be viewed at: