NewsBits: Jerry Silverman, Super Hero?

Gary Rosenblatt writing in The Jewish Week:

Can Silverman Fix UJC?

Despite the attempts of close friends and colleagues to dissuade him from taking the UJC post, Silverman said he remains enthusiastic, though open-eyed to the problems, including a shrinking budget, low morale after large-scale staff reductions, resistance among federations to paying dues many believe to be excessive and a widespread perception that a decade after it came into being the organization still lacks a clearly defined mission.

But he believes in the potential for UJC to grow and thrive, and in his own quiet way, is confident about his ability to turn things around, primarily based on his past experience.

Silverman sees the key to forging a positive environment in “taking the time to really listen and be there” for communities. And he is acutely aware of the sense of urgency in an organized Jewish community hit hard by the economic crisis, with annual federation campaigns down and a sense that UJC’s clout and presence is fading.

… Silverman says that important projects, innovative ideas and a commitment to excellence inspire support. “When you have a clear path and build some momentum, people look to the future and want the glass to be half full.”