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The Role of Email in Your Communications Mix

Nonprofits have a lot of choices when it comes to communications – from direct mail, to websites, to social networking sites and more. With Spam on the rise and open rates down, what role should email play in a successful communications strategy – and when should nonprofits choose to use it?

Spam Reports Aren’t All Bad News

No one who follows the rules and best practices of permission-based email marketing wants to get branded as a spammer. However, sometimes even the most reputable, best-intentioned businesses and organizations can send email communications that trigger spam reports.

4 Keys to Building a Successful Nonprofit Web Site

Before we go too far, let me start by saying, “Content is King.” Without great content, the following tactics and tools are limited at best. Focus on producing great content all the time. Put these tools in place. Then use what you learn from them to grow your site!

Effective Fundraising with Facebook Causes

As more and more nonprofits find Facebook to be a useful tool for enging their constituents, one question always arises: how can I get these constituents to donate?