Network for Good to Acquire ePhilanthropy Foundation

Network for Good, a leading provider of online fundraising services and how-to resources for nonprofits, announced today that it has acquired the ePhilanthropy Foundation, an educational organization helping other nonprofits to use best Internet practices.

The move comes as Network for Good seeks to expand its help tools for nonprofits at a time when many small- to medium-sized organizations are struggling to raise funds and need assistance in starting online giving programs. Because of their low costs and high yield, online outreach programs are especially important during an economic downturn.

Bill Strathmann, chief executive officer of Network for Good, said, “ePhilanthropy Foundation’s groundbreaking progress in developing Internet ethics and best practices will do much to help nonprofits get the resources they need. Not only do our organizations want to help a greater number of nonprofits to raise money online, now we collectively will have even more tools to teach them how to do it well.”

Network for Good currently provides online fundraising services and training to nonprofit organizations through fundraising tools, e-newsletter communications, free teleconferences presented by industry leaders and its Learning Center ( It will integrate the ePhilanthropy Foundation’s unique knowledge and research of how to properly cultivate and support donors, ensuring that people feel secure donating online. The ePhilanthropy Foundation’s Code of Ethics has been publicly endorsed by more than 100 organizations and individuals, including Charity Navigator and CFRE International.

Bob Carter, chairman of ePhilanthropy Foundation said, “Our proven leadership in delivering Internet education, advocacy and ethics programs now has the added sustainable support of a strong nonprofit that demonstrates an equal commitment to these principles. Nonprofits across the United States will benefit from Network for Good’s decision to invest further in the future of ePhilanthropy.”

Network for Good will integrate the two organizations’ resources for nonprofits by the end of the summer-thereby bolstering its offering of information, training materials and best-practices education.