Netanyahu Accuses Hadassah Management of a “Serious Failure”

from The Times of Israel:

Netanyahu: Public will pay for Hadassah’s failures
Prime minister accuses hospital officials of neglecting deficit, causing the current crisis

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused Hadassah management of a “serious failure” in its handling of hospital debts, which the public will now have to pay for.

“There was a serious failure there,” Netanyahu said at the weekly Likud faction meeting, addressing Hadassah’s financial mess which has all but paralyzed its two Jerusalem medical centers. “When the government is in deficit we handle it immediately. (They) accumulated debt there, it’s unclear why, perhaps out of the assumption that someone would pay.”

Netanyahu said Hadassah’s problems would demand the government’s attention and resources, specifically the Health Ministry and the Finance Ministry.

“The public will pay,” the prime minister said, “and we must ensure that the deficit will not return.”


Meanwhile, Marcie Natan, Hadassah’s National President, is saying the management in Israel wasn’t transparent and there was mismanagement at the hospitals dating back to 2006. That may be 100% correct. BUT, Ms. Natan forgets Hadassah WZOA owns the hospital and controls a majority of the HMO board! That’s who the Israeli management answers to.

Yesterday, a representative of Hadassah WZOA in Israel wanted to present their case for why this was not their fault. Asking when we could expect any acknowledgment by Hadassah WZOA of their own failures in this debacle, eJP was told, “Who do you think you are, the Palestinians demanding conditions?”

It’s past time for Hadassah WZOA to admit their owner/management failure and stop blaming everyone else. Then perhaps a solution can move forward.