NCJW and the Dafna Fund of Israel Partners to Study Feminist Agenda and Women’s Organizations in Israel

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) and the Dafna Fund of Israel have formed a partnership in a year-long research project to assess the current state of women and feminist organizations in Israel. Women funders from America, together with activists in Israel, will gather at a symposium in early 2018 to discuss the findings and develop a road map for the future.

“Our research will engage diverse stake holders – feminist activists, professionals from women’s organizations, academics, public officials, journalists and funders – to examine past achievements and challenges, and to think creatively about the future, “ said Hamutal Gouri, Director of the Dafna Fund.

“Inclusion and a diversity of voices are critical to the research. We are making sure to listen to women from across Israeli society, including in the Ethiopian, Russian, and Palestinian Israeli communities and from different generations and economic spheres too,” explained Dina Charnin, Senior Israel Advisor at NCJW.

NCJW and the Dafna Fund are providing equal financial support and are working closely on all aspects of the project. “This is an example of a truly collaborative effort between two women’s organizations – each bringing their strengths and interests to the table and working hand in hand to find solutions,” said Barbara Dobkin, Board Chair of the Dafna Fund. Nancy Kaufman, CEO of NCJW added, “Women leaders in the American Jewish community will be energized to discover how their funding can have the most impact, and we also want to attract new philanthropists to the field, both American and Israeli! “

The research will be led by Dr. Nancy Strichman, a Lecturer at Hebrew University and specialist on social change nonprofits in Israel.

A seed grant for the project was provided by the Mazer Family Fund at UJA Federation of NY.