MediaWatch: The World Around Us

With Monday’s upcoming Consultation on Jewish Social Entrepreneurship and New Leadership Development, a timely article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review:

Rediscovering Social Innovation

Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise have become popular rallying points for those trying to improve the world. These two notions are positive ones, but neither is adequate when it comes to understanding and creating social change in all of its manifestations. The authors make the case that social innovation is a better vehicle for doing this. They also explain why most of today’s innovative social solutions cut across the traditional boundaries separating nonprofits, government, and for-profit businesses.

from Business Wire:

Current U.S. Economy Causes Seniors to Give Less, the Young to Give More

Survey results indicate that only 13 percent of respondents expect to increase their giving for the remainder of 2008, while nearly a third (29%) admit to decrease their giving. Surprisingly, donors aged 25-34 were more likely to increase their giving in the fall, while those over the age of 65 were more likely to say they are giving less.

from the Washington Post:

New eBay site has social, environmental aim

Most consumers probably associate eBay Inc. more with vintage lunch boxes and low-priced electronics than with laptop bags made from recycled plastic by women in New Delhi.

The online auction operator is trying to change that perception with, a Web site launched Wednesday to sell goods produced with social and environmental goals in mind.