Jewish Journal Reorganizes as Tribe Media Corp.

As a follow-up to our post Jewish Journal Gets it Right, the newspaper has released the following:

A group of leading Los Angeles Jewish philanthropists has announced a major financial commitment to The Jewish Journal, the flagship newspaper of the Los Angeles Jewish community.

The commitment will help The Jewish Journal attract new readers and advertisers, and enable it to grow across numerous media platforms.

In recognition of The Jewish Journal’s innovative multi-platform approach to community news and information, the company will reorganize as TRIBE MEDIA CORP.

TRIBE MEDIA CORP, a 501 © 3 non-profit, will stay dedicated to The Jewish Journal’s longtime mission: To strengthen the Jewish community through independent journalism and promote positive values across multiple media platforms.

“TRIBE Media Corp. will redefine community journalism for the digital age,” said Rob Eshman, editor-in-chief of The Journal. “Our goal is to use every technology at our disposal to inform and convene our community, and to bring our community’s ideas and values to society at large – while creating a thriving, sustainable business. This is the future of community journalism.”

TRIBE MEDIA CORP. will have five divisions: The weekly Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, TRIBE magazine, a new monthly magazine that started production in December,, America’s most widely used Jewish news site, TRIBE Live! Production of live events and video, and a fast-growing online social network launched in August.

A philanthropic group led by The Journal’s Chairman of the Board, Irwin Field, committed a significant multi-year financial contribution to the undertaking. The group consists of Arthur H. Bilger, founding partner and managing member of Shelter Capital Partners, Peter Lowy, group managing director of the Westfield Group, and an anonymous donor. These philanthropists will join the Board and Executive Committee of Tribe Media Corp. along with Leon C. Janks, Managing Partner of Green, Hasson & Janks LLP.

“This is not just a change in name but a change in the way we do business,” said Steven Karash, Tribe Media Corp. Executive VP for Advertising and Marketing. Mr. Karash served 10 years as national advertising director in the Los Angeles office of New York Times Media Group.

“The new structure will allow us to help advertisers reach an influential, upscale and involved demographic in an efficient, affordable ways,” Karash said.