Jewish Day School Educators, Tech Professionals and HS Students to Prototype New Ways to Use Technology

Atid_Hackathon_logo-_web-1427767404The Atid Day School Innovation Challenge, a joint initiative of PresenTense Group and The Jewish Education Project with the support of UJA-Federation of New York, is hosting a Hackathon to highlight and encourage innovation in Jewish day schools. The Hackathon, which will be held at Impact Hub on Monday, May 18th, will convene day school educators, technology experts and high school students for a day of prototyping and testing innovative solutions to educational challenges using the principles of Design Thinking.

The day-long event will focus on a core question: How might we use technology to enhance Jewish day school education? Participants will pitch ideas and form diverse teams around shared interests. With guidance from an experienced Hackathon facilitator and support from staff and mentors, the teams will spend the day building, testing and adjusting their solutions. The Hackathon will close with prototype demonstrations by representatives from each team. The top three teams, selected by a participant vote, will receive a cash prize that empowers them to continue building their prototypes. The event will also honor the recipients of the Atid Award, a group of extraordinary teachers whose innovative classroom ideas won a video contest last fall.

“Hackathons combine two powerful elements: a fast-paced, high-energy environment, and open, knowledgeable participants who are willing to take the risk to create fast, cheap prototypes that envision a different reality,” says Naomi Korb Weiss, CEO of PresenTense. “Dedicating a day to thinking differently about Jewish day school education introduces the opportunity to create lasting impact on the future of our community.”

Registration for the Hackathon is now open and seeking participants from diverse fields. Day school educators will find technical expertise, resources, and the time to develop a bright idea. Developers, designers, and other tech professionals will have the unique opportunity to use their skills in the service of Jewish education. Student volunteers will serve as thought partners and test users, enabling teams to iterate on their prototypes to create student-centered solutions. Computer science graudate students will build their portfolios through meaningful, live practice.

Learn more and register here, or email with your questions or comments.