Jewish Communal Fund NY releases first-ever Giving Report

Jewish Communal Fund (JCF), the leading collective of Jewish funders, released its inaugural Giving Report today, providing insight into the make-up, demographics, and charitable trends taking place among its generous funder network of nearly 9,000 people. With fundholders living throughout the United States and in Israel, JCF’s data offers a rare look into the funding preferences and giving trends among American Jews.

“We are pleased to present this in-depth look into our funder community – a community of funders who share a deep commitment to charity,” said Sue Dickman, the Executive Vice President & CEO of Jewish Communal Fund. “While we routinely share a list of all organizations that receive more than $10,000 from JCF in our Annual Report, this Giving Report paints a more comprehensive picture of the tremendous generosity that our fundholders exhibit, both within the Jewish community and beyond.”

One of the longest-serving donor advised funds in the country, JCF is now facilitating charitable giving for many third-generation JCF fundholders – showcasing the passion for philanthropy that they learned from their parents and grandparents before them. Now entering its 46th year, JCF plays a critical role in facilitating charitable giving for a wide spectrum of Jewish philanthropists of varying means, interests and religious affiliations.

Here are some statistics highlighted in the report that shed light on the uniqueness that is the JCF funder community:

  • JCF fundholders distributed 26% of charitable assets (totaling $397 million in grants) in 2017.
  • JCF fundholders make an average of 15 grants per fund per year, with a median grant amount of $600.
  • 10% of funds distributed 50% or more of the balance in their funds to charities in FY 17.
  • JCF fundholders made 30,563 grants (58% of all grants) to Jewish organizations, totaling nearly $127 million.
  • The sectors that received the largest number of dollars from JCF fundholders in FY 17 were education, Israel, and community organizations.
  • JCF fundholders granted $22 million to UJA-Federation of NY in 2017, in addition to JCF’s $2 million annual gift to UJA.
  • Most JCF fundholders (60%) contribute to their donor advised funds on an annual basis, or more frequently.
  • Jewish Communal Fund announced $1.35 million in Special Gifts Fund grants in 2017.

The complete report is available for download on JCF’s website (or click the image above).