HUC Cincinnati Selling Land Assets


Hebrew Union College bounces back

Nearly a year after the Cincinnati campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion was rescued from a potential shuttering, there are nascent signs of recovery.

… It was October 2009 when the national HUC board officially adopted a plan to close a $3 million budget deficit, imposing budget cuts on campuses in Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles and Jerusalem but keeping all four open.

The cuts have been painful and are not fully implemented yet, meaning any new programs or scholarships will depend on private donations.

Enrollment on the campus here is down to about 47 rabbinical students and 30 in the graduate program, plus 100 employees.

To help plug the budget cuts, the college is selling some assets. That includes putting nearly 7 acres of wooded land behind the existing buildings on the market, with developers as potential buyers.