Hebrew U. Philanthropy Center to Cooperate with Indiana University

The Hebrew University’s Center for the Study of Philanthropy in Israel has signed a strategic cooperation program with the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University that will encompass research, teaching, knowledge exchange, student exchange, joint research projects related to philanthropy and other fields of inquiry such as nonprofit management, civil society studies, Jewish philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Center head Prof. Hillel Schmid welcomed the agreement. “It will create the infrastructure for joint studies and exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of philanthropy for the benefit of scholars, students, policy makers and practitioners who are interested in learning more about philanthropy and philanthropists from the international perspective,” he said.

The Center for the Study of Philanthropy in Israel was established at the Hebrew University’s Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare in 2006 in cooperation with the Israel-Joint Distribution Committee, in order to develop and promote basic and applied research knowledge on philanthropy in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world. The Center operates in cooperation with the Baerwald School’s Joseph Schwartz Graduate Program in Management of Community and Nonprofit Organizations; it is a member of the European Research Network on Philanthropy.