Halacha and the Environment

Jerusalem recently played host to an international conference titled, The Environment in Jewish Thought and Law. Spearheaded by Sviva Israel, an innovative Jewish social environmental organization, the goal was to enrich and raise the level of conversation on Judaism and the Environment.

Carmi Wisemon, the initiator of the conference and presenter of a lecture on “The Conflicts and Connections between Sustainability and Judaism”, was extremely pleased with the large turnout of people who came together from all walks of life to learn about the environmental issues facing all of us and Jewish responses to them.  Wisemon said, “We are delighted that we have been able to bring together in a public forum the highest levels of rabbinical leaders in Israel with environmental professionals, activists, academics, educators, religious and non-religious.  In understanding Judaism’s approach to the environment, it is incumbent upon us to first learn about the environmental issues that we face today.

The conference also marked the publication of the latest volume, and first in English, of “The Environment in Jewish Thought and Law” – Jewish environmental responsa on contemporary issues of sustainability and Jewish environmental ethics. You can access this publication here: The-Environment-in-Jewish-Thought-and-Law.

about: Sviva Israel creates environmental and civic responsibility in Israeli society by giving young people the knowledge and skills which will make them leaders for the protection of our environment while simultaneously building their Jewish and Israeli identities.

Their international and web-based projects connect young Israelis with each other and with their global peers through Jewish-environmental programming that contributes to their Jewish identity and pride in Israel. They nurture connections that will ensure Israel’s future as an environmentally sustainable home for the Jewish People.