Guide to Israeli Government Covid Relief Package for Nonprofits

The Israeli government has announced a large-scale response program aimed at helping the country’s nonprofits, which have been hit hard by the coronavirus and its economic ripple effects.

The program is, essentially, a three-tier plan of grants and other resources available for nonprofits, along with various measure to reduce bureaucratic and tax burdens for nonprofits and philanthropists. One particularly noteworthy component of the program is a 40 million NIS joint Philanthropy-Government Israel Civil Society Emergency Relief Fund that will benefit nonprofits not otherwise eligible for government assistance. The government will be supplying 75 percent of the funding, while private donations and foundations will supply the remainder. Jewish Funders Network is happy to share more information about this joint fund, which new donors are welcome to join.

To make it easier for funders and nonprofits to navigate these new resources, JFN Israel, together with their partners at JDC-Elka*, drafted a comprehensive guide to all government assistance available to nonprofits at this time.

*JDC ELKA is JDC’s Institute for Leadership and Governance focusing on Israel’s governmental, municipal, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders.

Download the guide in Hebrew here.

Download the guide in English here.