Enhancing Canadianism through a Partnership Mosaic

In a scene from Heritage Minutes, Sir John A. Macdonald discusses confederation. Photo credit: Historica Canada. 

By John F. Prato Growing up in Canada as a first generation Canadian, born into a family of immigrant parents, one is raised with a profound level of gratitude towards this young, diverse, caring, and inviting democracy. I also have a responsibility to maintain that openness for future generations of newcomers so that they may contribute to the vibrant Canadian mosaic. Canada is a country where you feel that opportunities are at hand, within reach, regardless of your ancestry. Your background does not matter; we have embraced a rich citizenship and identity. What Canadian is not proud to carry that Maple Leaf passport, or travel abroad and discreetly flash that Maple Leaf on a personal item? This sentiment is rooted in the nation’s rich history and achievements. Our citizens are leaders in … [Read more...]

The Need for Rest-and-Digest Philanthropy: Strengthen Jewish Education by Tending to Jewish Educators

By Zachary Lasker, Ed.D Most of us can identify with the automatic response triggered when a child falls into potentially dangerous or stressful circumstances - he goes missing at the supermarket, she chases a ball into the middle of a busy street, he wakes up from a night terror. Without any conscious decision, we drop what we are doing and a jolt of energy and clarity propel us to ward off danger. When the challenge is surmounted, we settle back into a more calm and relaxed state as our system recharges for the next crisis. We can generally tolerate incidents of stress presented when caring for a few people at a time, but what happens to the body and mind when it takes responsibility for 20, 100, 500, or 1,000 people and the frequency of stress inducing events increases … [Read more...]

Improving Communities in Israel through Partnerships

Project Involvement children

By Ambassador Ido Aharoni In my role as Consul General, I work to ensure a vibrant society in Israel by maintaining strong friendships with influential American Jewish organizations. Their involvement greatly enhances the State of Israel and the well-being of its citizens. It is my privilege to write to you today about the valuable contribution that the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies (ACBP) has made over the years to the State of Israel, proving that foundations truly can work alongside government to impact positive change in communities and even nations. Since the late 1980s, ACBP has taken on multiple projects with the goal of reaching out to people and improving our communities. Three examples in particular related to Israel are worth celebrating: (1) ACBP noticed the decline … [Read more...]

What Do You Do With a Couch Potato?

“Pepper and Potato Armchair” and “Tomato
and Eggplant Chair”, Victor Cicansky, 1987.

Many foundations have the treat of operating in a decorated space full of art. The art may be finger painted by kids who benefit from a funded program, or decorative art initially acquired to enrich and enliven the space. When a foundation spends down, what happens to the art? The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies art curator Franklin Silverstone responds: Q: How did you build the collection over ACBP's history? A: As you know, Charles is an avid supporter of Canadian culture, and so he wanted to encourage Canadian decorative arts with a collection of his own. I visited various galleries in Canada to see what was on the art scene. I put together a container of my findings and shipped it to Montreal, moved the findings into a friend’s gallery and on Mondays, when the gallery was … [Read more...]

How American Fundraisers for Israeli Causes Tackle the Year-End Philanthropy Rush

The American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA) donors' mission to Israel during Operation Protective Edge last summer; photo courtesy AFMDA.

By Maayan Jaffe JNS.org For local fundraising organizations in a marketplace saturated with similar and competing causes, it can be hard enough to break through the noise leading up to Dec. 31, when donors traditionally make significant philanthropic decisions ahead of the New Year. For those groups looking to raise support for causes abroad - especially for those in Israel, where the political climate could pose additional challenges for American fundraisers - the barriers are steeper. This uncomfortable playing field, however, forces “American Friends” affiliates of Israeli organizations to work smarter and more strategically. “We’ve evolved,” says Doron Krakow, executive vice president of American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (AABGU). “We’ve gone from being a … [Read more...]

From Pushke to Power Suit

How the new Jewish women's foundations are changing Jewish philanthropy and women's lives By Susan Weidman Schneider [eJP note: The following article appeared in the Spring 2002 issue of Lilith Magazine. It is reprinted as a response to Women’s Philanthropy - Change Is In the Air, published on eJP yesterday.] Ten years ago, a Jewish woman with a feminist consciousness and a checkbook had to read carefully and listen hard to support Jewish women’s and girls’ causes. Writing those checks required both research and decision-making. To give to education or to anti-violence work? To give to a women’s film project which might change minds or to a program for home bound elderly women which would keep their spirits alive? And our feminist philanthropist faced all this alone. But not anymore. … [Read more...]

Women’s Philanthropy – Change Is In the Air

By Phyllis Teicher Goldman and Nancy Schwartz Sternoff We read with great interest the re-printed piece by Susan Weidman Schneider that appeared in Lilith in 1993; we have applauded Susan for many years for her outspoken and determined advocacy for Jewish women. Yes, the Jewish community is still plagued by structural inadequacy, the “Male Model” described by Susan, that inhibits both women’s giving and women’s leadership. The recent 2014 CEO salary survey issued by Jane Eisner of The Forward attests to egregious gaps in leadership roles and compensation by gender. However, there have been significant advances that we hope Lilith will examine and publicize. The most promising shift has been promulgated by the proliferation of Jewish women’s funds and foundations across the spectrum of … [Read more...]