The New Dynamic Between Israel and the Jewish World

Israel gov logoby Dvir Kahana

Over the next few weeks, the Government of Israel will decide upon a crucial resolution which will have a lasting impact on Diaspora relations. The Joint Initiative of the Government of Israel and World Jewry is a new blueprint we expect will strengthen Jewish identity and bolster Israel-Diaspora ties for years to come.

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Hadassah WZOA Threatens to Halt Donations if Hospital Control is Taken Away

According to Globes, “In an urgent motion filed on Friday with the Jerusalem District Court, the Hadassah Organization threatens that if control of the hospital is taken away from the organization, not only will it halt donations to the hospital, the US philanthropic network for all Israeli organizations will be affected, as well as “the delicate fabric of relations with the Diaspora.

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Four Questions to Make Your Seder Night Different from all Other Seder Nights

As Jews throughout the world prepare to sit down at their seder tables, the UK's Institute for Jewish Policy Research has prepared a discussion guide to add a different dimension to your seder. Using some of the data from a recent UK community … [Continue reading]

In Ukraine, Caring for Caregivers

by Alan H. Gill My first visit to Odessa - the “pearl of the Black Sea” - was in the 1990s after the Soviet Union’s collapse. The city, even after decades of communist rule, remained a historical gem with its Potemkin Steps and … [Continue reading]

The Seder’s Four Elements of Creative Education


As Jewish professionals, as educators, it is our job to immerse ourselves, deeply, in people’s lives, and strive to understand where Judaism most meaningfully intersects with their needs. by Maya Bernstein The Pesach Seder, perhaps the most … [Continue reading]

In Nepal, Piecing Together a Seder, Suitcase by Suitcase

Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz, right, gives Torah classes for visitors.

by Dovid Margolin It’s past 11 o’clock at night at the Chabad House in Kathmandu, Nepal, and a calm breeze wafts through the Jewish center’s courtyard. Rabbi Chezky Lifshitz is wrapping up a Torah class he has been giving to 30 Israelis, and … [Continue reading]