Anybody’s Judaism

Whose-Opinion-Counts1-400x250Anybody’s Judaism:
If new media offer a platform to anyone with an opinion, whose opinion counts?

By Maayan Jaffe

For generations it has been clear who sets the Jewish agenda and trends: A group of older men in a boardroom backed by major funders and philanthropists. This packaged Judaism wasn’t unique to the Jewish people. Trends – be they in automobile or clothing industry – were for generations set by major retail establishments that had the funding necessary to access advertising venues and reach the masses. Similarly, the news we read was that which appeared on the front page of the New York Times.

The world has changed.

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From Europe’s Rabbis, the Lessons of Exodus and Passover

shutterstock_246455317After sunset on Friday evening, the Jews of Europe whose lives are disparate and experiences multitudinous will find themselves, if only for a few hours, bound together by ritual and contemplation. 1.1 million members of the Diaspora will partake is what is considered the oldest continually practiced ritual in the Western world and retell one of the Western canon’s best known stories. At a time when many questions surround the fate of Europe’s Jewish communities, eJewish Philanthropy asked a number of European rabbis:

What can we draw or learn from the Passover holiday and the story of the Exodus that is relevant to European Jewry at the present time?

Here are their responses.

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On Both Sides of Ukraine Ceasefire Line, Thousands to Attend JDC Passover Events

Odessa Children Pesach at Beit Grand JCC (7)

Even amid a crippling humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) will hold a variety of Passover-related activities - from Seder feasts to matzah baking and Passover cooking workshops - for thousands of … [Continue reading]

Children from Russian-speaking Jewish families find Life-Long Friendships at Camp Chi


Russian Jewish children ages 9-16 are invited to experience JCC Camp Chi, the #1 Jewish overnight camp in the Midwest serving one of the largest populations of children from Russian-speaking families. With more than 600 pristine acres and … [Continue reading]