Your Daily Phil: Jewish groups mobilize in wake of Ukraine flooding

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In today’s edition of Your Daily Phil, we report on the policy priorities of New York’s Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty for the coming months, and feature an op-ed from Erica Brown. We’ll start by looking at the humanitarian efforts by Jewish groups in the wake of the Nova Kakhovka dam burst.

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Jewish groups in the Ukrainian city of Kherson are scrambling to help members of the local community, including their own staff members, whose homes are being flooded following the destruction of the Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro River earlier this week, representatives from the organizations told eJewishPhilanthropy’s Judah Ari Gross.

In the predawn hours of Tuesday morning, the dam burst, sending torrents of water downstream, quickly flooding the cities and towns along the banks of the Dnipro River, including Kherson, some 35 miles away. “The situation in Kherson is really bad. In some cases, aid needs to be brought to be people by boats. We’re lucky to have local NGOs to help us with last-mile deliveries,” Anna Pantiukhova, from the Kyiv office of IsraAid, told eJP. “You cannot walk, you have to float.”

Inna Vdovichenko, the external relations director for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Ukraine, said the team in Kherson quickly mobilized, getting whatever equipment they could out of harm’s way to ensure that the organization would be able to continue providing aid to its 382 clients in Kherson and the surrounding area – mostly the elderly and people with physical or mental disabilities through its Hesed social welfare program – and to the community in general.

At the same time, other Hesed staff and volunteers made contact with the Kherson office’s clients, seeing if any of them needed help, even preparing to evacuate some of them, booking hotel rooms and buses. While some of JDC’s clients had considered leaving their homes when the dam first broke, they ultimately decided to stay, Vdovichenko said.

At least 80 members of the Jewish community of Kherson have decided to leave Ukraine, at least temporarily, in light of the dam break, according to Rabbi Mayer Stambler, the co-director of the Chabad of Poland, whose community is taking in those evacuees. “We are finding them places to stay, getting them food, whatever they might need,” Stambler told eJP.

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Policy plans

Over 350 elected officials, dignitaries and community leaders attend the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty’s annual legislative breakfast on June 4, 2023. (Courtesy)

New York’s Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty is working closely with the United States Department of Agriculture to expand access to kosher and halal foods in light of the White House’s recently released strategy to combat antisemitism, the organization’s CEO, David Greenfield, told eJewishPhilanthropy’s Judah Ari Gross.

Kosher food pantries: The White House’s national antisemitism strategy, which was released last month, includes a call for the USDA by 2024 to “ensure equal access to all USDA feeding programs for USDA customers with religious dietary needs.” Greenfield said the Met Council, as the organization is more commonly known, has already met with the USDA on this issue, speaking with representatives from the office on Tuesday. “We’re very interested in making sure that the USDA has the ability and the resources to really lean in and to make sure that pantries across the country have kosher and halal food,” he said.

A new focus: On Sunday, the organization hosted its annual “legislative breakfast,” bringing together some 350 elected officials, dignitaries and community leaders. Following the event, Greenfield told eJP that the breakfast’s attendance list demonstrated the new direction that Met Council has taken in recent years, focusing more on lobbying and policy and not only providing assistance directly to the city’s economically disadvantaged. “We had the Senate majority leader, the House minority leader, the governor of New York, the mayor of New York, the attorney general of New York, the comptroller of New York, and another 58 or so elected officials, including a half a dozen members of Congress. And the reason for that is because we work hard at these relationships,” Greenfield said.

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The Torah of leadership

Leadership and diversity: Thoughts on Parshat Shelah


“Diversity increases awareness of different pockets of society, sensitivity to other ways of looking at the same scenario or set of facts, and pressure-tests assumptions and judgments,” writes Erica Brown, vice provost for values and leadership at Yeshiva University and director of its Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks-Herenstein Center, in her weekly column for eJewishPhilanthropy, “The Torah of Leadership.”

No leadership monopoly: “‘Every team must be made up of people with different roles, strengths, temperaments and perspectives,’ writes Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in his essay ‘The Counterpoint of Leadership.’ ‘They must always be open to criticism and they must always be on the alert against groupthink. The glory of Judaism is its insistence that only in heaven is there one commanding Voice. Down here on earth no individual may ever hold a monopoly of leadership.’”

Team-think: “Diversity in teams has many positive dimensions, but it’s not always easy to create or navigate. In his book The Wisdom of Teams, Jon Katzenbach writes, ‘Teams do not seek consensus; they seek the best answer.’ If there is too much consensus, then diversity fails in its value.”

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Worthy Reads

Be Smart About Artificial Intelligence: In The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Rasheeda Childress explores the prospects and possible pitfalls for nonprofits using AI-powered tools like ChatGPT. “While new and exciting, the technology is not a panacea. The information the tool provides is based on what it’s learned by perusing the internet. So sometimes the content it produces is wrong, biased, or inappropriate, experts say. Because of this, it’s crucial for nonprofits jumping into A.I. to think carefully about how they are using this technology so it doesn’t violate laws, ethical principles, or the faith of a charity’s constituents… [Jeffrey Tenenbaum, a nonprofit lawyer,] says organizations need policies to address multiple aspects of A.I. at their nonprofit… Even if organizations don’t have a policy yet, [Rodger Devine, president-elect of APRA, a group dedicated to prospect research,] says the most important thing at this point is to be aware of the problems and talk through where the concerns are. Some of the concerns may sound scary, but he thinks the technology is super important for nonprofits. Says Devine: ‘My advice is to stay informed and to keep asking questions and sharing useful tools with your colleagues to help advance literacy and discussion around this rapidly evolving space.’” [ChronicleofPhilanthropy]

From Bassinets to Wheelchairs: In Jewish News Service, Judith Segaloff profiles the work of Yad Sarah, an Israeli nonprofit that loans medical equipment to Israelis for free. “When Vivien Steinberg made aliyah in 2017, she was 83 years young and used a wheelchair and a walker. Her doctor suggested she get a cushion to better support her chair. ‘Call Yad Sarah’ was the physician’s suggestion…Rabbi Uri Lupolianski, founder of Yad Sarah (and mayor of Jerusalem from 2003 to 2008), was inspired to start the organization in 1976 when, as a young father, he decided to pass along a nebulizer he had used for his baby to a neighbor who needed it… On Thursday, the organization released figures that show its home hospitalization equipment lending operations save the country’s healthcare system more than 5.5 billion shekels ($1.5 billion) each year.” [JNS]

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Pic of the Day

Courtesy/Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A researcher plays a replica of a flute that was made from the wing bones of waterfowl in the Hula Valley of northern Israel 12,000 years ago. Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Centre de Recherche Français à Jérusalem, the University of Vienna and the University of Barcelona, Spain, determined that the flutes make sounds – which can be heard here – similar to the calls of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk and the Common Kestrel, leading them to conclude that they were likely used by hunter-gatherers to attract and trap the birds. Though the researchers said the flutes may have also “served different social-cultural-symbolic functions for the hunter-gatherers.”


Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO

Jerusalem-born Academy Award-winning actress, producer and director, Natalie Portman

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